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  • Low-Tech, High Reward

    Let me say off the top that I like tech, and in many cases, the higher the tech, the better. There are so many amazing technologic breakthroughs changing the landscape of all industries; indeed, the home furnishings industry is one of them. With that said, I find it amazing that there have been notable low-tech […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: Developing a Sales Training Program

    Stacy Hafliger, VP of Training & Performance with ProtectAll, shares tips for creating a sales training program to drive performance, employee satisfaction and build your customers’ confidence during their shopping experience.

  • Develop Successful Sales Teams

    Today’s buyers are more informed and demanding than ever, so your sales team has to engage quickly, be knowledgeable, and communicate effectively to produce sales. Learn how to help your sales team build the necessary skills to give the customer experience these buyers expect. You’ll learn: How to develop an effective sales training program Sales […]

  • Maintain Profitability in a Difficult Economy

    Retailers are always looking for ways to increase their margins and get more sales, but how can you maintain profitability in a difficult economy? Our experts will discuss strategies to help you survive and thrive in these uncertain times. You’ll learn how to minimize fixed and variable costs and maximize every opportunity to make a […]

  • The Growing Trend in Visual Merchandising

    In digital communication and commerce, imagery and visual merchandising have never been more important. An internal study from Google’s Search team found that nearly 40% of users aged 18-25 begin their internet searches on visual platforms, searching for places to go and products to buy on Instagram and TikTok rather than Google. In an industry […]

  • Legislative Activity and What it Means to Retailers

    Nothing drives congressional activity like a deadline – in this case, the August recess and November midterm elections have created a unique environment spurring action on priority issues for both parties. Democrats have controlled the White House, House, and Senate since January 2021 but cannot advance large parts of their legislative agenda given intraparty differences. […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: 5 Steps to Engage Your Customer Using Insured Promotions

    Tokio Marine shows you 5 steps for how insured promotions can be a unique and creative way to help you attract traffic to drive more sales.

  • Sidelined: Legislative delays

    Current events, some that have no direct relationship to the home furnishings industry, can sometimes disrupt our advocacy processes. We are experiencing this with the STURDY Act. We have been looking to wrap up this long-time legislative struggle relating to tip-over issues. It passed a key committee vote and awaits Senate floor consideration; however, the […]

  • GigaCloud Technology Reimagines Global B2B

    GigaCloud Technology is a Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner that can help members with their supply chain struggles. Reimagine Global B2B with GigaCloud Technology, browse, buy, and deliver thousands of products at your fingertips. First and foremost, GigaCloud Technology is a facilitator for both sourcing and fulfillment. For too long, the large-goods market has been […]

  • Digital advertising checklist: 10 questions to ask before you buy

    Like most marketing managers, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to reach your audience. And if you’re considering buying digital ads, it’s essential to ask the right questions to make the most of your investment. Here is a brief digital advertising checklist of 10 crucial things to check to ensure you’re getting the […]

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