Anchor It! Prevent Tip-Over

Anchor furniture to prevent tip-over accidents

The threat is serious, but the solution is simple.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched an Anchor It! campaign to educate parents and child caregivers about simple steps they can take to help prevent possible television and furniture tip-over accidents. In support of this campaign, the American Home Furnishings Alliance is offering a FREE furniture tip restraint.

The restraint is easy to install and requires only basic tools. Click here to learn how to secure your furniture in 4 easy steps. Call (336) 884-5000 to request your free restraint.


Why Anchor?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about three children are injured every hour in the United States when a television, piece of furniture or appliance that is not secured tips over on them. In nearly 30 percent of these accidents, both a television and the furniture holding it fall. The CPSC has created a website with more information on why every home with small children should anchor televisions, furniture and appliances to prevent them from tipping over and causing tragic injuries. Click the links below for a video that explains the dangers and recent statistics showing who’s most at risk.


How to Anchor

A variety of tip restraint products are available to help secure items in your home, from plastic brackets to nylon straps to galvanized steel cable. All of these restraints typically include one bracket for the wall and one for the furniture or television. These anti-tip products can be easily found online or in the child-proofing section of baby stores and home improvement stores. Most manufacturers recommend installing the wall anchor in a wall stud. An inexpensive (starting at around $8.99), battery-operated “stud finder” for locating the studs behind your wallboard is a useful tool to have on hand. Click the links below for additional resources on how to anchor.

Watch the video

Watch the video

Understand the danger

Understanding the danger

Who’s at risk?

Who is at risk?


How to anchor

"Anyone Can Anchor It"

What to anchor

What to anchor?

Furniture how-to

Man screwing in a furniture anchor


What Else Can You Do?Follow these additional measures to help prevent tip-over accidents in your home:

  • Always place the heaviest items in the lowest drawers of storage units such as dressers or chests.
  • Do not place a TV on any furniture that is not specifically designed to hold electronics. Chests and bookcases pose significant hazards when misused in this way.
  • Never allow children to climb or hang on drawers, doors or shelves of furniture.
  • Never open more than one drawer at a time. Install stops on drawers (if they don’t already have them) to prevent them from being pulled out all the way.
  • Don’t create a temptation to climb! Keep remote controls, toys and other enticing items off the tops of TVs and other furniture where children can see but not reach them.
  • Always place TVs on sturdy, low bases. Always anchor the furniture and the TV.
  • When purchasing new furniture, always look for an anti-tip warning label and ask if the product was manufactured according to the ASTM F2057 standard for furniture stability.


The website developed by the U.S. CPSC offers these additional consumer resources:

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