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Jerry Epperson

Epperson tells HFA members to seize their advantages

Robert BellApr 7, 2019
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Twenty percent of all home furnishings transactions next year will take place on the internet — even more where accessories are concerned. Hoping to claim its share, Amazon, Walmart and others continue to grow their proprietary online furniture lines. It’s easy for Home Furnishings Association members who own a brick-and-mortar


Building Purchased By City Furniture in High Point, NC

Hall of Fame purchases former furniture showroom building in High Point

The HFA TeamApr 7, 2019
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The Hall of Fame has found a home in the heart of High Point’s furniture market district.  The American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame Foundation announced Wednesday it has purchased a former showroom building at 311 S. Hamilton St. in downtown High Point. The 17,500-square-foot structure was occupied by Flair


Advertising strategies that can be measured (and work)!

The HFA TeamApr 5, 2019
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Isaac Knoor has seen it before. From sales to warehouse to everything in between, a retailer’s plate is always full.  “With so much going on, a retailer’s advertising are usually the first to be ignored,” says Isaac. “Typically, the strategy is to throw something against a wall and see what sticks or go with what you’ve


Samantha Meridieth

Connect with your digitally connected customer

The HFA TeamApr 4, 2019
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Furniture retailers already know that digitally-connected consumers expect a lot these days. What many retailers don’t know is are they meeting those consumer’s fickle demands?  Often the answer is no, says Samantha Meridieth of R&A Marketing. The result is frustrated customers who buy from their competitors.  “The right message not only brings buyers to your store, it brings qualified buyers,”


Award on Desk

Matt Schewel is named a Future Leader by the Hall of Fame Foundation

The HFA TeamApr 3, 2019

Matt Schewel taught in a Spanish-immersion elementary school in Durham, N.C., then worked as a journalist in Washington, D.C., covering trade policy.  Finally, in May 2016, he returned home to Lynchburg, Va., and joined the business his great-great grandfather started there in 1897, Schewel Furniture Co. “I’d always considered the


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