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New York enacts Harper’s Law

Doug ClarkAug 14, 2019
Policy Matters - Government Relations

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed Harper’s Law Tuesday. The measure bars retailers in that state from selling new clothing storage units that don’t meet standards for furniture stability unless they also offer tip-restraint kits. The law is named for Harper Ayva Fried of Monroe, N.Y., who died at age


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Kansas aims to tax all online sales

Doug ClarkAug 13, 2019
Policy Matters - Government Relations

Photo: Kansas Revenue Secretary Mark Burghart, left Kansas is one of a few states that still doesn’t require remote online retailers to collect sales tax on purchases made by its residents. Not that it doesn’t want to. The state legislature this year approved a measure to do just that. But


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Furniture sales should be better, Smith says

Doug ClarkAug 12, 2019
Current News

Photo: Ken Smith and Mark Laferriere, Smith Leonard assurance partners The numbers remain a puzzle to Ken Smith, assurance partner for Smith Leonard Accountants & Consultants in High Point, N.C. Smith is co-author with Mark Laferriere of the monthly Furniture Insights survey. Their July 30 report found that new orders


Bedgear's spoof shop at LVM

Sleep isn’t a joke at LVM

Doug ClarkAug 9, 2019
Current News

Photo: Eugene Alletto, CEO of Bedgear, with an actor portraying the proprietor of a spoof sleep shop at the Las Vegas Market Eugene Alletto’s “spoof” at the Las Vegas Market was meant to make a serious point about sleep: You can’t fake it. Alletto is founder and CEO of Bedgear,


Regional chamber honors HFA member Sheely’s as small business of the year

Robert BellAug 8, 2019
Current News,Shop Talk

Photo Caption: Sheely’s Furniture will receive its small business of the year award in August. Even when the call came earlier this summer, Jeff Curry found it hard to believe. After all, in the 67 years  Home Furnishings Association member Sheely’s Furniture has been serving northeast Ohio, the family-run store


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