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Shoppers’ senses can put them in the mood to buy

MyHFAFeb 15,2019

An attractive showroom, pleasant background music and, perhaps, the smell of leather can put visitors to your store in the mood to buy. That conclusion comes from a global survey of 10,000 consumers in 10 countries by Walnut Unlimited for Mood Media, an in-store media solutions company. The Mood Media


CalChamber sets HR ‘boot camps’ to tackle new employment laws

MyHFAFeb 13,2019
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Some 50 new laws in California deal with employment matters, from required sexual harassment training to meal and rest breaks to lactation accommodations. It’s hard for businesses to keep up.  CalChamber will hold a series of seminars throughout the state to help. It calls the sessions HR “boot camps.”  “Paying employees


Sen. Doug Jones

Error in tax-cut bill could harm HFA members

Doug ClarkFeb 12,2019
Current News,Policy Matters - Government Relations

Sen. Doug Jones (above), the Democrat who upset Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s 2017 special election, didn’t take his seat in time to vote for or against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. But he does want to fix it. There have been plenty of political arguments about the effect


Ann Marie Buerkle

President re-nominates Buerkle to chair CPSC

MyHFAFeb 12,2019
Current News,Policy Matters - Government Relations

President Donald Trump in January re-nominated Ann Marie Buerkle to serve as chair of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Buerkle, a former member of Congress from New York State, has served on the CPSC since 2013 and has been acting chair since February 2017. Later that year, Trump formally nominated


California employers must provide sexual harassment training in 2019

MyHFAFeb 11,2019
Current News,Policy Matters - Government Relations

The clock is ticking for most California employers to provide sexual harassment training for employees. The Golden State enacted several new laws covering sexual harassment in the workplace during 2018. The most sweeping requires businesses with five or more employees to conduct at least two hours of training for supervisors