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How to Effectively Combat Employee Candidate Ghosting

Employee candidate ghosting is on the rise. The practice of “ghosting” is when all communication is severed without any explanation or warning and has become common during the job interview process. Often times employee candidate ghosting occurs due to a misunderstanding when communication is not clear, or candidates might walk

Employee Referral Program_HFA blog
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What an Employee Referral Program Can Do for Your Business

Research shows that the current job market is 90% candidate-driven. To that effect, you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you; therefore, creating an employee referral program can improve your talent acquisition as an HR administrator or acquisition specialist. What is an Employee Referral Program, and why does it matter?

HFA-QCS Winning Talent in a Tight Labor Market
Tracy Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HFA Chief HR Strategist
Quick Click Solutions: Winning Talent in a Tight Labor Market

Qualified talent isn’t easy to find when the labor market is tight. Tracy Jackson, HFA’s Chief HR Strategist reveals some tips for how you can come out ahead of the game for finding the right talent to add to your team. CLICK HERE for more HR resources from HFA.

Soft and hard employee skills_HFA-blog
Tracy Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HFA Chief HR Strategist
Soft and hard employee skills

Job success usually requires a combination of both soft and hard employee skills. Soft skills are more interpersonal and shape how you work alone or with others. In contrast, hard skills are gained through education, training, or career experience. Below illustrates the differences between both employee skills. Soft Skills Soft

Overlooked fundamentals of onboarding employees_IHFRA HFA blog
Jonathan Schulman
Overlooked fundamentals of onboarding employees

Since we’re all sophisticated individuals running our businesses benevolently and by the numbers, I’m sure you have a robust and meaningful program for onboarding employees. Starting a newbie is never easy. Building an inspired and exciting program for the people you entrust your future sales to deserves more than a

HFA_Company culture reset can serve customers and your team_Jonathan Schulman
Jonathan Schulman
A company culture reset can serve customers and your team

Oh good, you’re still here. You survived the quarantine and figured out how to keep the business going and serve customers. If what they say about the things that don’t kill us makes us stronger, then I gotta believe we all have a little bit of Tom Cruise in us.

Robert Bell
Healthcare cost savings through group captives

New HFA Healthcare offers savings to members and a powerful recruiting tool Home Furnishings Association member Ken Mangum remembers offering his employees at Designer Furniture Gallery affordable healthcare that didn’t skimp on benefits. That was years ago. To keep his doors open during the recession of 2008-09, Mangum was forced to eliminate that benefit.    “It’s still one of the hardest

Image shows the Virginia Capitol building
Doug Clark
Virginia sets nation’s first COVID-19 workplace standard

The coronavirus spreads quickly, and so do government regulations. That was true recently in Virginia, where the state implemented new workplace safety requirements. “It’s been a very fast-moving train,” Courtney Malveaux said during a webinar for the Virginia Retail Federation last week. “It moved so fast that, frankly, a lot

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