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Robert Bell
Resource Center: Engage customers through e-newsletters

Let’s face it: We are slammed by email and social media and much of it is the same. “It’s an onslaught of messages designed to sell, sell, sell,” says Michael Bailenson, president of e-marketing company Bailcomm. “The constant sales pitch is not the way to go about engaging with potential

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Robert Bell
Resource Center: How to convert ‘no’s’ into sales

To many furniture sales associates, the word “no” means the end. To Joe Milevsky, “no” is actually a starting point. “At any time during the sales process, when a customer tells you ‘no’ what they’re really saying is they haven’t learned enough about the furniture or you haven’t established trust

Make It Personal
Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender
Make it personal

Looking for a low-cost, high-impact marketing strategy? Grab some paper and a pen. Years from now, someone will spend a gazillion dollars to study American life online and wonder who these people were who so desperately need to lose weight, perfect their relationships, look younger, make certain body parts larger

Photo of Kim Pellett
Robert Bell
Kim of all trades

Home Furnishings Association member Kim Pellett sells antiques, but please don’t call her an antiques dealer – she’s so much more. Pellett sells furniture, too, but resist the temptation to call her a furniture retailer. That label seems unfairly constraining and doesn’t do her justice. Not with her sense of

Pires, Furniture Branding appeal to hearts and minds

Photo: Jason Pires at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Jason Alascio Pires probably won’t have trouble engaging his audience at a Home Furnishings Association seminar in Las Vegas July 28. It’s what he does. Pires is CEO and executive director of Furniture Branding, a new HFA solution partner. His

Image of Delivery people setting up furniture
Brian Straight
Delivering on the last mile

As furniture sales increase online, retailers are taking a second look at their delivery service Brian Grandolf (not his real name) frantically cleaned his new home office, making room for the desk he ordered online to arrive and complete the space. Having already started his new job, and currently working

Hall of Fame Foundation completes purchase

Photo: Hall of Fame Foundation board members Larry Rogers, Janet Guy and David Gebhart visit the former Flair Enterprises building during the April furniture market in High Point. The American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame Foundation has completed the purchase of the former Flair Enterprises building in High Point and

Greenboard helps convert leads into sales

Lenny Kharitonov likes to tell the story about the “very sophisticated system” he used for tracking customers when he first started selling furniture. It involved index cards. Kharitonov, who’s in New York City, still sells furniture – Unlimited Furniture Group’s clients include celebrities and professional athletes – but his method

Swan FRS takes care of the customer, start to finish

In their quest to find the perfect point-of-sale system, some furniture retailers can focus too much on finding a solution that will help generate the next sale. Pete Morone suggests retailers approach their search from a different perspective. “Sales are only part of the equation,” says Morone. “Retailers sometimes forget

Ken Smith and Mark Laferriere, Smith Leonard assurance partners
Robert Bell
Report: New furniture orders continue slide

Consumer confidence remains high, but that faith isn’t playing out in the retail furniture sector. New furniture orders dipped 9 percent in April compared with the same month last year, the third straight month of declining orders, according to the latest Furniture Insights survey, released July 1. That trend isn’t

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