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Jef Spencer
Ensure Your Signs are ADA Compliant

You’ve seen them in just about every business environment and they are most likely your directional facilities signs to help the customer find restrooms, services, and exits. But are you ADA compliant? If they aren’t, you could be subject to sizeable fines. But just how big of a fine? As

man attaching a lockout tag to an electrical control panel
Jef Spencer
5 Steps to Build an Effective LOTO Plan

Since OSHA introduced Standard 1910.147, great strides have been made to increase safety and reduce incidents of injury in workplaces everywhere.  Having a Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) plan plays a vital role in protecting workers and employees from life-threatening accidents on a regular basis. This is not just to industrial locations, many

Fluorescent Tubes
Home Furnishings Association
Do You Recycle Fluorescent Lighting and E-Waste?

Are you considering or recently completed a retrofitting to LEDs and left with some old lamps? Are they piled up in your dumpster or behind your building? Let’s hope not. Let’s face it, the world of lighting is like any other technology these days, constantly changing and upgrading. Staying educated

Photo of shopping cart next to fire exit door.
Home Furnishings Association
Do you Have a HOT Fire Escape Plan?

Did you realize that roughly 200 workplace fires occur every day in the U.S.? Would employees and visitors to your workplace know how to exit quickly if they needed to evacuate? If they don’t then it might be worth looking into a company who offer Safety Consultancy to make sure

manual worker man falling from ladder silhouette
Home Furnishings Association
Anatomy of a Fall

Anybody that comes in even the briefest of contact with the world of occupational safety knows that fall protection is a hot topic. There are blogs, social media groups, and even entire companies dedicated to it. Falls have been at or near the top of the list for occupational fatalities

Caution Wet Floor Sign
Home Furnishings Association
Spill Control & Cleanup for Facility and Customer Safety

Spills may be inevitable, but the way you handle them is up to you. Whether your facility uses chemicals, solvents or just plain old water in everyday business there are many options available to your staff to take quick action to prevent accidents. Slips on the showroom floor by a

Cars parked in parking lot
Home Furnishings Association
7 Quick Tips to a Safer Parking Lot

Did you know one in five automobile accidents occurs in a parking lot? Though there are often reduced speeds in these areas, fender benders are more likely to occur in parking lots than on open roadways. This, of course, can create a negative customer experience tied to your business just because

Worker in a construction site
Home Furnishings Association
Using Portable Ladders Safely

For any professional or retail organization, the use of portable ladders will eventually come into play on the showroom floor or out in the warehouse. Even when it comes to careers in the Marine, something like Wet Steps ladders play a big part in relation to docking boats. No matter

Modern warehouse interior
Home Furnishings Association
Top 5 Warehouse Tools Every Furniture Operations Needs

There’s something exciting about outfitting a warehouse. Maybe it’s the prospect of creating an efficient workspace buzzing with activity. Or maybe it’s the idea of keeping your staff “stoked” and stocked with the equipment that makes their job easier and safer. Whatever the reason, your warehouse is a sacred place,

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