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Is your store ready for AR?

Whether they are shopping for sandals or sofas, consumers have no shortage of augmented reality (AR) apps to assist them these days. Following the viral success of Pokémon Go in 2016, hordes of retailers have embraced the technology, including furniture retailers. Home Furnishings Association member Jerome’s Furniture recently deployed its Photo to Floorplan

Home Furnishings Association
Want more and better ratings? Podium will help

You’ve run an attractive family furniture store in your hometown for many years. You offer great products at fair prices and provide top-notch customer service. You’re also a community leader, supporting many worthy causes.  So where did that blistering online review come from?  An occasional complaint is inevitable in the retail trade, but it

Home Furnishings Association builds customer loyalty for your store

Chad Burwell wants to get customers into your store … again.  Burwell’s company,, creates loyalty programs – the LP in its name – to encourage return visits by customers. Not visits every few years, but far more frequently. In his view, customers should be regular customers and receive rewards

Home Furnishings Association
Shoptelligence helps shoppers make smart purchases

Laura Khoury turned shopping frustration into a cutting-edge business that can help Home Furnishings Association members boost sales.  “I started as a frustrated consumer,” says Khoury, founder and CEO of Shoptelligence. “I wanted to see only the products I wanted.”  Khoury, a chemist by training, created a company that uses artificial intelligence

Home Furnishings Association
Your website isn’t a brochure. Use it to build relationships with shoppers.

Furniture retailers miss sales opportunities if they don’t turn anonymous website visitors into people they know, says Scott Hill, executive chairman and co-founder of PERQ.  When many consumers never walk into a furniture store until they’re ready to buy, it’s critical to start the selling process online, says Hill, who

Home Furnishings Association
Market speaker will help you get into the minds of your customers

The eyes don’t lie. That’s why mobile eye tracking is an effective tool for consumer research, according to Michelle Adams, founder of Marketing Brainology.  Why hang a banner from the ceiling of your showroom if no one’s going to look? People are much more likely to look down than up. That’s just a

Living Room sofa and end table
Home Furnishings Association
Shoppers’ senses can put them in the mood to buy

An attractive showroom, pleasant background music and, perhaps, the smell of leather can put visitors to your store in the mood to buy. That conclusion comes from a global survey of 10,000 consumers in 10 countries by Walnut Unlimited for Mood Media, an in-store media solutions company. The Mood Media

PERQ Case Study Graphic
Home Furnishings Association
PERQ introduces Marketing Cloud to help furniture retailers engage online visitors

PERQ, experts in online consumer engagement and behavior, has announced the launch of the PERQ Marketing Cloud, a first-ever integrated suite of AI-driven technology products specifically designed to power the consumer experience and help home furnishing retailers increase online engagement, improve conversion rates and increase in-store sales. More than 150

STORIS on multiple devices
Home Furnishings Association
STORIS will demonstrate newest advance in RRC at Las Vegas Market

Retailers spoke, STORIS listened. As requested by its retail partners in the home furnishings industry, the company has launched Release 10.0, “adding advanced fulfillment functionality to its point of sale process,” it said in a news release. “This is critical as fulfillment methods are a competitive advantage for retailers in

Man and woman shopping for a mattress
Home Furnishings Association
How to Better Assist Mattress Shoppers Online

By: Kristy Esch, Senior Marketing Manager, PERQ Mattress shoppers tend to start research online. Help guide consumers along with useful, personalized information on your retail mattress website to win them over. Try to give people reasons to feature the products you sell on their guides on how to choose the

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