Coaster introduces three-brand strategy

Coaster Company of America today announced a three-part rebranding strategy and reinforced its commitment to driving furniture buyers into brick-and-mortar stores.

Coaster, a leading importer and distributor of home furnishings products, will divide its brands roughly along three price lines: Coaster Everyday, “integrating form, function and value into quality furnishings”; Coaster Essence, “High quality and fashionable home furnishings that offer more comfort’; and Coaster Elevations, “a collection of premium quality home furnishings for discerning tastes.”

The popular Scott Living brand, promoted by Drew and Jonathan Scott, will continue to be a Coaster initiative.

Coaster Banner next to Bedding

As part of a new digital strategy, Coaster also will redesign its website. Half of furniture shopping begins online, Janice Yeh, director of business operations, said. “We want to drive those customers to a brick-and-mortar store to complete their purchases there.” The company is developing new tools to engage consumers online and encourage them to continue the buying process in a retail location, with the added advantage of steering them toward the product line price point they’re seeking.

Those local dealers provide the services customers want, Yeh said. The Coaster strategy is meant to help the company and its retail partners grow together, she added.

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