Confused customers relieved to hear Wilson’s Furniture isn’t closing

Wilson's Furniture Building

Photo: Wilson’s Furniture customers in Ferndale, Wash., called the store after hearing the store was closing. Turns out it was a big misunderstanding. The store’s outlet center will be temporarily absorbed in the main showroom after the building it was housed in was sold.

Home Furnishings Association member Wilson’s Furniture found out the hard way just how much it is loved in Ferndale, Wash.

When store officials learned last month the building their outlet center was housed in had sold and they needed to move out, they decided to have a closing sale. Unfortunately, the flyers mailed out by the promotional company putting on the sale weren’t clear. Many residents called the store, a longtime fixture in Ferndale, worried that the store was going out of business.

General Manager Bill Brester quickly allayed local residents’ worries. “We told them we’re not going anywhere,” said Brester, “but it was nice to know folks were concerned.”

Brester said future flyers and promotions made it clear that only the 15,000-square-foot outlet center, located across the parking lot from Wilson’s showroom, was closing. And even the outlet center isn’t really going away.

Brester said the store’s 30,000-square-foot showroom has about 5,000 square feet available on its second floor that will become a temporary outlet center until company officials find a new site for slow-moving items. “You’re never going to sell everything, so we need to find a space,” he said. “After the sale we’ll find something permanent and everything will be back to normal.”

Bottom line, said Brester?

“We’re not going anywhere.”

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