Connect with your digitally connected customer

Samantha Meridieth

Furniture retailers already know that digitally-connected consumers expect a lot these days. What many retailers don’t know is are they meeting those consumer’s fickle demands? 

Often the answer is no, says Samantha Meridieth of R&A Marketing. The result is frustrated customers who buy from their competitors. 

“The right message not only brings buyers to your store, it brings qualified buyers,” says Meridieth. “That’s why retailers need to be particular about their message.” 

Meridieth will host a seminar, “Are you Meeting the Demands of the Connected Customer?”, at 4 p.m. on April 7 in the association’s Resource Center at High Point Market. She’ll show real-life examples furniture retailers are using today to bring those qualified buyers into their stores. 

She’ll also show and talk about the different media furniture retailers are using to get those focused messages in front of the right audience. 

This is not a talk about theory, says Meredieth. “Retailers are going to see real examples and the proof that those programs are working,” she says. 

The Retailer Resource Center is on the first floor of Plaza Suites, 222 S. Main St. For more information on the High Point Market, click here

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