Creative Uses for Door Jamb Protectors

Things in home delivery can get interesting sometimes, even if you have purchased some outstanding tools to assist the delivery staff.

But there are times that improvisation can make the job easier and safer. The Door Jamb Protector Pad (DJP) was created for…. Well protecting door jamb from damage when passing heavy and bulky merchandise through the door. But with some situations, new ideas have come to light thanks to some on-the-job creativity by delivery staff.
Banister Protection – Drape the DJP pad over a banister in situations where furniture needs to be lifted up and over. Should there be a slip or need to set the piece down on the banister to get a better grip, no damage.

Headboards and Footboards – Bed parts that are leaned up against the inside wall of the delivery truck could shift in transit. Draping a DJP over a headboard keeps that padded protection in place as a barrier between the truck wall and other pieces.

Disassembled Furniture – That DJP is a handy “cradle” to transport, carry and protect table legs or similar long pieces. The spring steel clips hold it all together snugly, like a really long taco.

Pick Up Truck Deliveries – In the event your staff utilizes a pick up truck for local or smaller deliveries, drape the pads over the bed sides or tailgate for added protection (specially when merchandise needs to lifted out to the side of the truck bed).

Warehouse Racking – Clip the DJP to the uprights of your warehouse racking when storing or retrieving unboxed merchandise. Don’t let that little bump turn into a big repair.
Jef Spencer
HFA Operations
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