From Showroom to the Delivery Truck, Touch Up Pens Making You More Profitable

Furniture repair is not just a back of the house function.

Having the basic repair products available in all areas of a retail operation can increase your sales conversion rates and lead to returning business. Even the smallest of scuffs on furniture draws the eye of the consumer and lowers the perceived quality or value of the piece, ultimately costing you sales. But most imperfections don’t require repair, just concealment and the basic touch up pen may be the right tool for the job. Let’s face it, small dings and scuff can and will happen, so be prepared.
On the Showroom Floor
Nowhere is furniture more vulnerable to surface damage than on your showroom floor. Furniture is constantly moved in and out, rearranged and otherwise shifted on a daily basis. Your display surfaces are contently touch by customers, shoe level legs kicked, and let’s not forget the unforgiving jewel bedazzled pants pockets that can scratch even the toughest seat finish. Children in showrooms add another layer to the challenge of keeping up with touch up repair. Strollers grazing the merchandise, hard children’s toys striking surfaces and of course the ever curious hands sliding display accessories across freshly polished tabletops. Lastly damage can happen when trying to keep your showroom looking its best. Lugging that clumsy ladder around the showroom to replace or adjust the overhead light bulbs…. Ugh!
Showroom Solution – It may not be necessary to have the full color selection of touch up pens with the usual polish and cleaning supplies. Three of the basic brown colors, light, medium & dark should be enough for your sales force to carry with them on the floor to make quick touch ups as problem areas are discovered. Just make sure that any touch up is done out of the sight of wandering customers.
Warehouse and Back Room
Most touch up need arises is discovered during the initial unpacking of merchandise from the manufacturer. Product shifting in transit, mishandling, packing errors and other events often ding or scratch surfaces before arrival at the warehouse. Even in a perfect world of a properly packed item, expertly transported and carefully unwrapped the unforeseen can and will happen in the time between receipt and prepping for delivery.
Warehouse Solution – Have a full set of touch up pens on hand to match almost any finish or wood tone. This is also the time to inspect for more serious damage that necessitates other repair solutions. It’s best to repair in your warehouse before prepping the pieces for delivery.
During Delivery
Facts are facts. No matter how well prepped, packaged and carefully handled a piece is between the warehouse and the customers home, heavy furniture in the back of a delivery truck faces a gantlet of road bumps, turns and jolts even when padded and tied down. Then there is the last leg of the trip from the truck into the customer’s home with dollies, lifting straps and other tools for maneuvering heavy pieces through doors, up or down stairs and around corners. The potential for minor scuff is real. A quick touch up on the truck before under the eye of the customer is ideal, but sometimes a repair in the home is necessary.
Delivery Solution – The on truck “delivery kit” should include the usual polishes, cleaners and soft towels in addition to a basic selection of touch up pens in assorted colors. It’s best to not be at the customer’s curb and not have the right color of quick touch up material on hand.
After the Sale
Looking to secure a repeat customer? One more tool to have in your customer service arsenal is to give a touch up pen to your customer at delivery that matches their purchase. Have a label with your store name applied to the pen. When something happens in the customer’s home (vacuum cleaner hits the leg, cat claws the table top or something else), your store name is front and center on the solution pulled from the kitchen junk drawer.
Low cost, easy to learn how to use and available in a full spectrum of colors to match almost any wood tone finish, touch up pens are the perfect solution for minor scuffs and damage concealment. A small investment in touch up pens can save, or even make you thousands in the course of your sales process. For more information, call (800) 422-3778, Option 2.
Jef Spencer
HFA Operations
HFA Products Store

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