Getting Your Jamb On, Delivery Protection

Your showroom staff has secured the sale. The warehouse personnel have pulled and prepped the merchandise. The delivery team has packed the truck and arrived at the home for that last contact with the customer. Everything about this transaction has been flawless until the merchandise was carried through the narrowest passage of the home, the front door. Disaster strikes as a pristine $4700 hutch makes contact with the door frame and a 3” scratch appears. Even worse, the contact takes some of the paint off the door frame of your customer’s home. Now you staff is going into damage control to save the sale and what could have been a repeat customer.
Don’t let the final leg of the sale become an ongoing headache due to circumstances that could have easily been averted with simple tools, techniques and training. Finding great delivery people can sometimes be hard but securing the right equipment is easy. In this story a simple Door Jam Protector could have prevented diminishing what would have been a perfect delivery. At the very least, tools like these show your customer that your employees care. The right tool which should be easy to use, convenient, reusable and affordable. The best tools are the ones that prevent costly mistakes and help to retain customers. One such tool is the Door Jam Protector Pad as demonstrated in one of the product focus videos by the HFA (see below).
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Jef Spencer
HFA Operations
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