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We champion the causes and issues that are important to you
as a home furnishings retailer.

Government Relations are a critical part of business. It is not just about the politics.
These relations are about important and pertinent issues such as:

  • The Marketplace Fairness Act for sales tax collection
  • Interchange fees on Bankcard processing
  • EPA regulations
  • Department of Transportation regulations
  • Healthcare reform
  • Tax reform, and much more.

First of all, our team of retail volunteers and staff work closely with our Washington, D.C. counsel, as well as
industry & national associations and organizations to bring you the up-to-the-minute information on government
issues that may impact your business.

In addition, we do the research, gather the information, and we monitor these legislative and regulatory issues so
we can keep you well-informed in an effort to furnish you will the tools necessary to be fully prepared to take action
when needed. With your invaluable membership you can rest assured, knowing that you will be up-to-date and consistently
informed about the matters that can, and often will, impact your business.

Government Relations & the benefits of being a Member


Whether it is making a phone call to your representative or taking an active role in joining the government relations action team, we’ll be here to help guide you through the process. Most of all, as a valued member you will receive important, timely information tailored to our industry, and furthermore, recommendations on how to respond accordingly.

Finally, you can find out more about the legislation and regulations that impact your bottom line, how you may get involved and how to take immediate action in industry-related Government Relations. See our latest government relations posts here.

In short, The Home Furnishings Association will be your eyes and ears in Washington, D.C.

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