Hand Truck Types, the Pros and Cons

There are basically two types of hand trucks available for purchase from many sources.

Welded Frame and Modular Frame. Welded hand trucks are typically made from round or square tubular steel, shaped and welded into one solid frame. The only replaceable part will be the wheels and sometimes the axle. Modular hand trucks are assembled from individual components like the main frame, foot plate, handle and other parts. The parts are often made from lighter materials like aluminum.
Both have their benefits:
Welded Frame
Pro – Very strong and durable with the ridged frame construction.
Pro – Typically have higher capacity ratings.
Con – Expensive to ship, not box able.
Con – Not customizable. Can’t switch out components.
Con – Usually heavier due to steel components.
Con – Unrepaired paint chips can lead to rust damage.
Con – If a part gets damaged (Bent frame or foot plate, broken weld) repairs may be expensive/impossible.
Modular Frame
Pro – Customizable. Interchangeable handle, wheel, foot plate and frame options.
Pro – Lightweight. Easier to push, lift and maneuver.
Pro – Easy to repair. Simply replace the bent or broken part.
Pro – Ships inexpensively knock down in a box.
Con – Assembly required.
Con – Lower load capacities.
Con – Your customers may want to keep it for home use.
Whatever the requirements of your operation, choosing the right hand truck is critical.
The HFA Product Program has the right hand truck for you.
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