Increase revenue with multi-channel advertising 

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Furniture is a big-ticket item, which means there is a long sales cycle, and you need to stay in touch with your customer every step of the way. Your online presence is crucial to connecting with customers and converting leads to sales in this digital world of multi-channel advertising.

Digital Influences Offline Furniture Sales 

With so many consumers beginning their shopping journey online, your digital presence is the key to success. Shoppers spend time researching their options, comparison shopping, reading reviews, and just getting a general sense of what is out there. All of this is happening online, and with so much content across different channels, your company must have a strong digital presence to stand out amongst competitors.

Phone image of a sale campaign for America's Mattress.

Digital advertising can drive store visits and sales while generating a lower CPL (cost per lead). For example, America’s Mattress saw great results when we partnered with them to generate sales for their 2019 Labor Day sales event. Netsertive deployed hyper-targeted digital ad campaigns across 153

of their America’s Mattress locations to drive online awareness and interest during this popular time to purchase a mattress. The results were approximately $1.1M in retail sales, $12 return per $1 spent on advertising, and 2,933 store visits. Results like these in just 21-days demonstrate the power of digital advertising.


“Instead of wondering whether our advertising drove traffic or not, we’ve been able to show a direct correlation between a campaign and actual store visitors!”

– Stephen Day, America’s Mattress

Meet the Customer Where They Are Online 

For your marketing efforts to be successful, you must be able to meet the customer where they are. With a multi-channel advertising campaign, you will be able to do just this, following them wherever they are on the internet.

Graphic of a marketing funnel

This strategy has a better chance at engaging and converting customers with an optimized return on ad spend. For example, we compared paid search traffic between businesses not investing in Facebook ads with businesses operating both paid search and Facebook ads. On average, businesses investing in Facebook and paid search had 77% more impressions and 82% more clicks.

Deploying your advertising campaigns across multiple channels reminds customers you’re there when they are in-market for your product or service. Think of the sales funnel: your advertising should call out potential customers at every point in their online journey. Adding new channels to your campaign helps drive performance because you have more opportunities to engage your customers. It goes beyond just showing up with search ads that only catch consumers when they’re actively searching for your products. Display, CTV, social, and video advertising are also needed to remind them of the benefits of your product and keep you top of mind so when they are actually ready to purchase, they’re more likely to check you out again.

With a multi-channel advertising campaign, you can increase leads and convert them into showroom sales by staying top of mind and showing up where they are searching.


For more on Netsertive and what they offer HFA members, see their Solution Partner page.

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