Just When You Thought Felt Pads Couldn’t Get More Durable

Are you tired of those synthetic sticky felts that simply don’t work or don’t stay on? Well, with Flexi-Felt® you’ll never have that problem again. It’s literally impossible to remove these felts.

Your Association Products Program has added a new line of surface protection felt pads to round out the selection available to fit any need. Available in a few select sizes and configurations from simply stick to apply and the new Flexi-Felt® clear cups. The Flexi-Felt are made with soft wool blend felt. Nothing is more durable.

Special high density felt is impossible to pad down. It doesn’t matter if you put 1000 lb on these; they won’t get any thinner.

The felt pads protect your floors and they allow furniture to slide effortlessly. If you have dark furniture you probably noticed that the chair legs are starting to be scratched up. The Flexi-Felt Clear will also help you prevent that. The transparent flexible sleeve of the Flexi-Felt Clear is extremely durable and abrasion resistant.

It protects your furniture by preventing the dings and scratches caused while vacuuming or when moving your chairs.

Use the Flexi-Felt to protect flooring and furniture as well as making furniture much easier to move around. The Flexi-Felt also eliminates the scraping chair noises, especially on tiles. Check out the quick demo video for more information.

For more information, call (800) 422-3778, Option 2.

Jef Spencer
HFA Operations

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