photo shows chris and jeff lanzafame
Chris and Jeff Lanzafame in their "quality control" video.

Lanzafame video cracks up customers, and a recliner

Chris Lanzafame and his son, Jeff, had a little time to kill at their business, Lanzafame Furniture Co. They also happened to have had Chris’ niece, Julie Daseking, who was working at the store during her summer break from college. She knows something about making videos.

So, why not?

The result is a video titled, “An Inside Look: Quality Control at Lanzafame Furniture Company.” It has been viewed 2,400 times and shared more than 40 times. It also drew many comments, such as:

“Very funny video. Love you guys. I buy all my furniture there. Good quality furniture and great customer service. First choice when shopping for my home.”

“So funny! Great job guys!”


“Very cool!! Loved the humor!!”

Yes, the humor. Instead of “quality control,” Chris and Jeff treat a recliner to more abuse than a football team could inflict during tackling drills. The video is Lanzafame’s answer to Laurel and Hardy.

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Don’t try this at home

The highlight was dropping the recliner from the roof of their building in Pittsburg, Calif.

First, they had to pull it up there, by rope. “That chair was heavy,” Chris deadpanned.

“I’m a boring kind of guy,” Chris said, understating his apparent comic genius. “My customers who know me, they said, ‘Where did that come from?’”

Lanzafame customers do know Chris and his 104-year-old business, a member of the Home Furnishings Association. Because they know he really does care about quality control, they immediately recognized the video as a spoof. Other retailers might have worried customers would take a parody video like this too seriously. But Chris trusted his customers to get it, and they did because they trust him.

It was done in fun and worth the effort.

“I don’t think that thing took more than a few hours start to finish,” Chris said of the video.

“Well, that explains the squeak in my recliner,” one customer commented, matching humor with humor.

Lanzafame Furniture Company: An Inside Look

At Lanzafame Furniture Company we value great products, dependable customer service, and a good laugh too. Check out our newest video, featuring an inside look at the happenings (or mis-happenings) at our store.

Posted by Lanzafame Furniture Company on Thursday, September 13, 2018


This is the first in an occasional series of articles about HFA members’ business videos that we really like. Send us your great videos!


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