Lunch with Leaders

Lunch with Leaders

High Point Market | April 15, 2018



Big-name industry leaders are opening their busy schedules for lunch mentoring sessions with next-generation home furnishings professionals.

This is an opportunity to get quality face time with top industry executives who can offer invaluable advice, give feedback on your ideas, and become mentors in your career.

Plus... You'll build partnerships faster than your predecessors did!

Meet Your Mentors

Taylor Ganz

Senior Vice President, Profitability Consulting Group

Taylor Ganz is the Senior Vice President, Profitability Consulting Group, where he helps home furnishings retailers with different aspects of their business. He has vast experience in the industry and specializes in financial analysis, merchandising, business organizational development, project planning, turnaround and restructuring, lender, landlord and other 3rd party negotiations.

Taylor owned and operated McMahan’s Furniture, a family owned furniture retailer with stores in California, Nevada and Oregon for over 20 years. In addition to overseeing all retail, financial, real estate, and administrative aspects of the business, he also directed the affiliated consumer finance and consumer credit insurance operations.

Taylor has an MBA from Stanford University, a BA from Yale University, and previously was a Lecturer in Corporate Finance at a 4-year college on the East Coast. Additionally, as a long-standing member of a leading retail furniture performance group, he has great insight into the financial structure, operation, and performance of other furniture retailers.

Taylor has 30 years of first-hand, operational experience in the home furnishings industry. That knowledge, combined with his strong educational background makes him uniquely qualified to assist home furnishings retailers with their various challenges and opportunities.

Howard Haimsohn

Owner, Lawrance Furniture

Howard Haimsohn is a true entrepreneur. He started his career in furniture retail in 1976 when he joined Modern Furniture Company, the company his grandfather, Herman, founded in San Diego.

As a third-generation retailer, Howard helped grow the business into the leading provider of mid to high-end modern furniture in San Diego, now known as Lawrance Furniture. Howard has been president since 1986. He is a past Retailer of the Year award winner for the Western Home Furnishings Association and the National Home Furnishings Association.

In 1983, Howard and his father Ed co-founded the Contemporary Design Group CDG, as it is known in the industry, is a unique organization of independent contemporary furniture retailers. Howard Haimsohn is the President and CEO of Contemporary Design Group. CDG has 26 individual member retail home furnishing companies across the United States. CDG functions as a networking group, a performance group and as a buying group, all specialized in the mid to high-end contemporary and modern niche of the retail industry.

Howard believes in the power of networking as did his dad before him. Along with guiding a retail business for almost 40 years and serving as President of CDG, he has served on the boards of several industry organizations, furniture markets and enjoys sharing best practices with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Howard has a BA degree in Marketing from San Diego State University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Howard has extensive skills in marketing, merchandising, financial management, sales, and leadership.