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Mariner Finance

When it comes to retail financing, Mariner Finance has a simple motto: “Our business is to grow yours.”

Mariner Finance’s retail sales manager, Therese Bernardo, says the motto is not just a slogan. “This credo is truly what we live by,” she says. “Not only do we earn our paycheck by helping others earn theirs, it’s also just incredibly fulfilling to know that every day we’re helping businesses grow and support their employees. That’s what we believe in.”

Mariner Finance is a new Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner. It offers flexible lending options for furniture retailers in 24 states with the goal of helping their customers make more purchases.

“Our dealers need financing to extend the credit that their consumers need to buy the products that they’re trying to sell,” Bernardo says. “At Mariner, we really believe that our dedication to helping the dealers grow their business and provide that financing is a cornerstone to keeping the economy going.”

‘We look to meet your challenges’

Mariner Finance knows that supply chain issues and other changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are driving up costs for retailers looking to save money where they can. “That’s a challenge we look to meet,” Bernardo says. Mariner generally occupies the secondary financing space, but its hallmarks are affordability for the dealer, flexibility, auto-approval options, and personal service.

Mariner’s application reviews are available until 11 p.m. EST during the week, 10 p.m. EST on Saturdays and 8 p.m. EST on Sundays. “We are really proud of our local support and hours,” Bernardo says. “For most of our members, we’re going to be able to cover most of the hours they’re operating, including weekends and holidays.”

Mariner provides “instant approvals to well-qualified customers,” she adds. “For those who aren’t as well-qualified, we have an entire bank of dedicated underwriters … looking at that customer as a whole so we can capture every approval possible.” Mariner generally offers HFA members financing for purchases ranging from $250 to $15,000. However, there is an exception process available for Mariner to consider larger deals, says Mariner’s AVP for retail sales, Len Falcone.

Mariner offers flexible financing solutions

Once approved, the retailer makes the loan and Mariner purchases the contract under the no credit recourse contract assignment. The retailer’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, honoring all warranties, giving faithful representations, and making sure all signatures are authentic.

Mariner also offers flexible financing solutions. Suppose a bank approves a $5,000 purchase, but a well-qualified customer wants to add another $2,500 for an additional item. Mariner can provide a loan for the additional funds, just as long as the additional amount is written as a separate purchase, Falcone explains.

Overall, Mariner Finance offers competitive rates, loan terms up to 72 months, electronic processing and special promotions for HFA members.

To find out more, contact an HFA member specialist at 800-422-3778.

Not an HFA member? Let us know you’re interest and we’ll show you the benefits.

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