Membership Tip: Telephone Calls are Ups, Too – Don’t Waste Them!

Callers are customers, too.

You’ve given thought to how customers who come in your store are to be greeted and cared for while in your showroom, but what about the potential customers who call your store?
While a lot of information gathering is done electronically, there are still people who will call your store. You need to give some thought to or revisit how telephone calls are handled in your business. To determine how much needs to be done, call your store. You may be surprised by how your company is being presented to potential customers.
If you find that your process needs some fine-tuning, here’s a check list for your consideration:
1. Put on your “friendly, helpful hat” as you end whatever conversation you have going on before you pick up the phone. It’s seems as if the call is an interruption if the end of a conversation can be heard as the phone is answered.
2. Smile and say something like “Good morning, Fabulous Home Furnishings Company, this is John.” You give the caller a minute to realize their call has been answered with your greeting, and you remind them who they called by stating your company name and then your name. Speak slowly so you can be understood and purposefully because you want the caller to know that answering their call is the most important thing you have on your mind in that moment.
3. There is no need for “How may I help you?” The caller knows why they called and you don’t want to distract them from your name. As they remember your name you can start building a relationship that will lead to conversations about lots of home furnishings solutions that they need and that you can provide.
4. The way you handle your callers is worth your thought and consideration. Once you have created a process, shared the process and practiced it, then periodically check to see that it is being followed. Your callers will thank you and your business will reflect the care that you give all the business that comes your way.
While we are at it, what is your process for online inquiries? These leads are just as important as the in-store customers and on-the-phone customers.

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-HFA Membership Team
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