In-store Messaging & Music


Create Your Own Customized Radio Station

Did you know that over 80 percent of purchase decisions are made while customers are in your store? So having the choice to play your own audio messages lets you direct customers to your great deals and maximize purchases. A professional audio system makes customers spend more per item in your store because they feel more comfortable in a relaxing musical atmosphere. As your brand, you will have a great sounding store helping to ensure repeat visits.
Retail Radio creates a customized radio station for your business that is designed to target your specific consumer. Whether you are a single location or have multiple stores across the country, Retail Radio is able to create your own radio station with specific music and branding messages designed to highlight the unique services of your store.

Program Details:

  • Custom designed music formats with your specific target in mind.
  • Ten custom commercial announcements produced at any length (10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds).

Samples include:

  • “Thank you for shopping at ABC Furniture — You are listening to ABC Furniture Radio”
  • “Bill and Jane Jones, owners of ABC Furniture want to thank you for shopping at ABC Furniture.”
  • Ads for: in-store financing, free delivery, 30 day money back guarantee, product categories, specific gallery options, etc…
  • Three new commercial announcements each quarter.

Samples include:

  • Event announcements, product sales, etc…

Program Includes:

  • Holiday music and announcement updates.
  • Free insertion of up to two announcements a month if you have pre-recorded ads.
  • Use your own voice – no extra charge
  • Professionally programmed with daily updates.
  • Manufacture invoicing if required (co-op dollars used).
  • 90-day trial guarantee.
  • 3 year contract.


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