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What would you ask an industry leader? Big-name industry leaders are opening their busy schedules for lunch mentoring sessions with next-generation home furnishings professionals.This exclusive opportunity provides you with quality face time with top industry executives, who can offer invaluable advice, give feedback on your ideas, and become mentors in your career.  Build partnerships faster than your predecessors did!

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Owner, Vermont Furniture Galleries & 2017 President, Home Furnishings Association

Showroom: HFA Retailer Resource Center, 1st Floor Plaza Suites

Stephen Kidder and his partner David Powell run a group of Home Furnishings, electronics and Appliance stores in Northwestern Vermont. The stores include two Ashley HomeStores and two full line Furniture, Appliance and Electronics stores serving a population of approximately 250,000. Their businesses have participated in various performance groups over the years. Steve’s areas of interest are key metrics of the business, and tax avoidance strategy. Steve’s family operated a Funeral Home, Ambulance, and the furniture stores at one point. All family members were EMT’s. He lives with his wife Marian on a small farm in the country, where the neighbors operate a cooperative Maple Sugar operation in the spring months producing around 100 gallons of maple syrup.

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President, Stoney Creek Furniture

Showroom: Palliser Furniture, 220 Elm 400

Jim Fee is President of Stoney Creek Furniture, having taken over that position last year.  Jim has been a part of Stoney Creek Furniture since he was 15, working as a delivery guy, and worked his way up the ranks in this family run business as a non-family member.  He became a partner in the two-store business in 1991. Learn from Jim how he was able to create a name for himself as a key employee and now President.  Stoney Creek has created a culture of next generation recruitment and is paying off with experienced loyal employees.  Jim is the current President Elect of the Home Furnishings Association.

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Publisher, Furniture Today

Showroom: Inside the High Point Theater, 2nd Floor

Dean has been the publisher of Furniture/Today, the industry’s largest home furnishings b-to-b publication and information source since 2015.  Horowitz knows media, serving in executive management roles with Amos Media in Chicago and Vance Publishing where he oversaw all aspects of the company’s digital platforms, data services, and niche communities while working closely with the sales and editorial teams to ensure exemplary product offerings. Previously, Horowitz spent 17 years with Reed Business Information culminating in his role as General Manager for the Construction and Building Group.

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