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With a detailed education plan in place and functions planned at major markets, NGN is the catalyst for developing the next wave of successful furniture store owners and managers.

There is a tremendous opportunity to help shape the future of this industry. By taking a lead in partnering with NGN, change can happen.
Help to build a network that reaches beyond today and into tomorrow. Membership is free and open to all industry professionals.


NGN Sponsorship Opportunities

Titanium Sponsorship $10,000 (limited availability)
Platinum Sponsorship $ 5,000 (limited availability)
Gold Sponsorship $ 3,000
Silver Sponsorship $ 2,000
Bronze Sponsorship $ 1,000
NGN Supporter $ 500



*NGN sponsorships include all benefits associated with the Home Furnishings Association annual sponsorship program and will be allocated specifically to
Next Generation Now events and education.



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