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The furniture industry gets younger every year.

In order to embrace the new generation of retailers and welcome them into the business, RetailerNOW features a different member
of Next Generation Now in every issue.



Jeff Strutz

September 2016: Jeff Strutz


Matt Shuel

August 2016: Matt Shuel

5 Minutes with Matt Shuel, Vice President at Meredith Furniture
Read more about Matt.


Kellen Harkness

July 2016: Kellen Harkness

5 Minutes with Kellen Harkness, Purchasing Manager at Harkness Furniture
Read more about Kellen.


Lance Zeto

June 2016: Lance Zeto

5 Minutes with Lance Zeto, Electronic Data Interchange Specialist at Ecutopia, Inc.
Read more about Lance.


Jordan Boyst

May 2016: Jordan Boyst

5 Minutes with Jordan Boyst, Membership Specialist at Home Furnishings Association.
Read more about Jordan.


Mark Mueller

April 2016: Mark Mueller

6 Answers with Mark Mueller, Co-owner & General Manager of Mueller Furniture.
Read more about Mark.


Travis Turner

February/March 2016: Travis Turner

6 Answers with Travis Turner, Vice President at Turner Furniture.
Read more about Travis.


Eddy Morris

January 2016: Eddy Morris

6 Answers with Eddy Morris, Marketing Manager at The Furniture Training Company.
Read more about Eddy.


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Guadalupe Pagalday

October 2015: Guadalupe Pagalday

Six Answers with Guadalupe Pagalday, Director of Product Marketing at HighJump.
Read more about Guadalupe.


Amy Albert

September 2015: Amy Albert

Six Answers with Amy Albert, Controller, Pilgrim Furniture City.
Read more about Amy.


Dorian Stacy Sims

August 2015: Dorian Stacy Sims

Six Answers with Dorian Stacy Sims, Owner of Stacy Furniture & Design.
Read more about Dorian.


Corey Faust

July 2015: Corey Faust

Six Answers with Corey Faust, Owner of The Furniture House.
Read more about Corey.


Mike Fiacco

June 2015: Mike Fiacco

Six Answers with Mike Fiacco, President of Bennington Furniture
Read more about Mike.


Nick Gates

May 2015: Nick Gates

Six Answers with Nick Gates, General Manager at Gates Home Furnishings.
Read more about Nick.


Nick Daniels

January 2015: Nick Daniels

Meet Nick Daniels. Retail manager of Furniture Fair in Cincinnati, OH. He’s serious from neck to toe.
The secret of Nick Daniels’ success? It’s all in the socks (and tie).
Read more about Nick.


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Jordan Barrick

November/December 2014: Jordan Barrick

Meet Jordan Barrick. Chief Operating Officer of Quality Furniture & Appliance in Mesquite, Texas.
Read more about Jordan.


Chris Cannon

October 2014: Chris Cannon

From sweeping floors to sweeping up—Chris Cannon, President, Cannon Home Furnishings, wants to show other young professionals the successful side to home furnishings.
Read more about Chris.


Sarah Bumps

September 2014: Sarah Bumps

Sarah Bumps never thought she’d work for her father’s furniture store. Now she can’t imagine working anywhere else.
Read more about Sarah.


El Dorado

August 2014: El Dorado Furniture Family

Andres, Suen and Luis Capó are the latest family members leading El Dorado Furniture. They’re smart enough to rely on the experience of their fathers, but they’ve also got a few ideas of their own.
Read more about the Capo family.


Emily Severson

July 2014: Emily Severson

In search of a company with opportunity, flexibility, and a great community, Emily made herself at home at FurnitureDealer.Net. She brought her Communications and Management background from the University of Minnesota and smiley demeanor with hopes of helping shape the future of the company.
Read more about Emily.


Alex Macias

June 2014: Alex Macias

Alex is the Vice President of Del Sol Furniture (Phoenix, AZ), serves on the HFA Board of Directors, and plays just as hard as he works.
Read more about Alex.


Abi Merkle

May 2014: Abi Merkle

Abi is the creative manager for Badcock Furniture & More, a top 100 retailer and an HFA member.
Read more about Abi.

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