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AltheaSuite is an innovative, modular, cloud-based ERP solution that will work on your PC/MAC and smartphone with all its features. It includes inventory management, POS, purchase management, and much more. With our enterprise-level in-depth analytics screens, get a greater perspective of your business data and make profitable business decisions.

Partnering with AltheaSuite, an innovation-centric technology company, for your business management solution will help you take advantage of what technology has to offer in recent times. This fully hosted cloud ERP solution with 100% smartphone compatibility will give you the flexibility you need without any infrastructure management hassles.

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We certainly cannot cover the complete feature list of AltheaSuite here on one page but below is a brief description of some of the top features. AltheaSuite is a modular solution. You can pick and choose which features and functionality you need.

(All of the features below and also those that are not mentioned below are available on your desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones at the same time)

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