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GTRsuite has been proven to increase AOV by over 50%, grow your post-visit lead database by at least 300%, and help you take over Page 1 search results. We’ll increase traffic to your stores, improve the customer experience, and generate more leads than you have now. Our store locator technology will ensure that anybody shopping online will not only find your store but also exactly which location the product they’re looking for can be seen. Our in-store shopper identification/attribution platform will ensure that, once there, you know who they are, how to contact them and will break down many traditional sales barriers.

We’re a zero-party customer data company. That means that we help you meet your customers where they meet you, online, in a way that responds to the new rules of the Internet. We’re entering a cookie-less world and strict laws regarding privacy, which means that almost every current method of collecting shopper identity will need to change. Our solution includes the most powerful store locator currently available. Our technology also creates individual product/location-specific pages that not only ensure that your SEO operates at optimum performance but it captures leads that would otherwise be invisible. Once in-store, our gamification platform allows you to ensure any current marketing initiatives, specials, promotions, etc., are delivered directly to the shopper as they walk in the door or browse. We identify who is in your store, collect their contact information, and generate post-visit leads from those that do not purchase, as well as customer reviews from those that do. The GTRsuite platform provides powerful reporting to enable you to have data-driven conversations at any level in the hierarchy, right down to the individual sales associate. We even include competitor information on your dashboard so you can see exactly how you’re performing relative to your peers at any location. The GTRsuite may be considered a marketing unification platform that leverages your online presence and converts that to in-store traffic, leads and turns it all into fuel for your SEO and the investment you make online.


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