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For HFA members, Sky Systemz would like to offer an exclusive 2% flat rate on all transaction processing as well as free hardware upon registration.

Sky Systemz evolved from technology startup ODP Solutions. Developing infrastructure for store, mobile, and web payments, Sky is a complete payment and business management solution. With point of sale, checkout, hardware, accounting, customer management, and payment technology that enables payments virtually anywhere, we provide business software and payment processing without contracts or hidden fees at one low flat rate.

Sky Systemz is payment processing, cloud point-of-sale, and business management software. The company’s mission is to give customers a competitive advantage in their marketplace, without having to use complicated or costly software. This mission is carried out by providing personalized customer service, low processing fees, and offering all of our services to every customer for free. Sky Systemz is different from any other competitor in the point of sale system market because services are developed on demand, personalized to every customer to best fit their needs, whereas other POS systems aren’t personalized and leave customers to work with what has already been created.

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