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TEMPOE will offer all HFA members an automated waterfall application process free of charge to them. This historically cost anywhere between 1-2% for other programs. In addition, we will offer HFA members a 100-day early payout option, which is generally a 90 day offer for independent merchants.

TEMPOE’s mission is to drive the evolution of retail payments by offering easier ways for more customers to get what they want. Our no-credit payment solution is built with a long-standing, proprietary model of underwriting underserved credit markets, significant capital strength, and a commitment to innovation so we can help you maximize every sales opportunity.

Around 40% of your potential customers can’t qualify for traditional credit financing of your products. Without an easy, pay-over-time solution that goes beyond credit, you’re missing sales. But TEMPOE can help. We offer a one-step waterfalled application, instant decisions, flexible and easy payments, sales training, marketing support, and seamless in-store and online POS integration. Stop missing sales opportunities by offering payments for real people–right now!

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