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UserWay is a Pioneer in Innovative Website Accessibility Technologies and creates advanced website accessibility solutions that help ensure ADA compliance without refactoring the website’s existing code.

Despite the surge in lawsuits, many websites fail to achieve accessibility standards. UserWay is a pioneer in AI-powered digital accessibility technologies. These help companies easily achieve accessibility, compliance & legal protection through a full framework of solutions that make digital assets accessible for people with disabilities.

There are more than one billion people with disabilities worldwide, which accounts for 15% of the population. In recent years, following the outbreak of the Covid pandemic and the restrictions imposed by governments around the world, the number of people who rely on digital access for purchases has soared. UserWay released a report in 2021 detailing the economic impact losses of online commerce due to inaccessibility of e-commerce sites. Billions of dollars are being lost every year because most shopping carts are inaccessible, and screen readers can’t interpret the navigation structure of websites.

UserWay solutions include:


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