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  • Decoding your targeted audience

    No two customers are alike. That’s why the right message to the right customer is so important to your store’s success. The best marketing campaigns resonate emotionally with a targeted audience. When we plan events for our clients, we have to understand the mindset of the consumer who will best identify with our client’s brand […]

  • Four Stages to Family Business Success

    Understanding where your store is on its journey can help you grow. Bobby Martin has never owned a home furnishings store, but I bet a lot of home furnishings retailers can learn from him. Martin built his first company, First Research, up to the point where he could sell it to Dun & Bradstreet for […]

  • Like father, like daughter

    After his father died, John Keyes took over Naturwood Furniture. He was 18. Lisa Keyes knows about following in a father’s shoes. The first call came in the morning. It was from Stickley. Ever since he learned the manufacturer was looking for a new store in the Sacramento area to sell its line, John Keyes […]

  • Deliveries Don’t Just Happen

    Making the sale is often the simplest part of running a furniture retail store. The customer has selected their product and money has changed hands, but what now? If it were as simple as putting that sofa on a truck, driving out to the customer’s home and walking it through the door, well there would […]

  • Anchor It! Prevent Tip-Over

    Anchor furniture to prevent tip-over accidents The threat is serious, but the solution is simple. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched an Anchor It! campaign to educate parents and child caregivers about simple steps they can take to help prevent possible television and furniture tip-over accidents. In support of this campaign, the American Home Furnishings […]

  • What is TB117-2013?

    TB117-2013 is a new regulation regarding the flammability of upholstered furniture in California. It replaces the 1975 standard, Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117). The state of California revised Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117). The new standards outline the changes in flammability testing saying that as of January 1, 2014, manufacturers may transition from the open flame test […]

  • California’s Prop 65 remains an important, enforced law.

    It’s the most far-reaching consumer “right to know” law in the nation. There have been myriad attempts to revise and amend this law the last couple of years, to no avail. What is Proposition 65? It’s a law that requires California businesses with 10 or more employees to provide a clear and reasonable warning before […]

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