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  • Quick Click Solutions: The Importance of Packaging Your Products Correctly

    Kyle Eastick, Director of Channel Sales for FreightClub, offers you some simple product packaging tips that will help minimize damaged and returned items and create a better customer experience.

  • UserWay

    UserWay is a Pioneer in Innovative Website Accessibility Technologies and creates advanced website accessibility solutions that help ensure ADA compliance without refactoring the website’s existing code. Despite the surge in lawsuits, many websites fail to achieve accessibility standards. UserWay is a pioneer in AI-powered digital accessibility technologies. These help companies easily achieve accessibility, compliance & […]

  • Customer Experience is Your Secret Weapon

    Your customer experience is a critical game-changer for furniture retail businesses. It not only boosts sales and your customer influencer base, but it builds customer retention and loyalty by enhancing the customer’s lifetime value. Our panel of experts will share what experiences customers are looking for and reveal simple tips you can use, online and […]

  • Protect Your eCommerce Website

    Our experts will discuss some of the biggest risks and challenges facing retail websites and selling products online. You will be better equipped to protect your business and customers by understanding the obstacles and potential dangers. By preventing fraud and making sure your website is compliant with regulations, and maintaining the best user experience, you […]

  • Your Customer Experience Game Changer

    The holy grail of retail – everyone is looking for the game changer for their customer experience. The question is: How can you let your guests experience products that aren’t physically present? Before 2020, virtual reality headsets created a lot of buzz. Now, even with tons of sanitizer, they’re an unthinkable experience. Consumers shifted to […]

  • Combining Personalization with Personal Assistance Increases Repeat Business

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution Back in the 18th and early 19th centuries was the Industrial Revolution, the transition from manufacturing by hand to machine-based production. But did you know that civilization has experienced more than one industrial revolution? That first industrial revolution was followed by the incorporation of technology in the late 19th and early […]

  • 29 Key Statistics Every Retailer Should Know About Customer Experience

    In no particular order of importance, we’ve captured below a variety of key statistics (and their sources) that every retail store owner should know. Share these with your management, marketing team, and sales associates as part of training, onboarding, and strategic planning. These data points illustrate retailers’ important role in delivering fantastic customer buying experiences. Some […]

  • Turn Up the Omnichannel Customer Experience!

    Today’s hyper-connected consumers have high expectations but a low tolerance for disappointment, making a seamless and unified omnichannel experience critical. Meeting and exceeding those expectations can help increase sales and lifetime value and drive loyalty. So, do you deliver a seamless omnichannel experience? The 2022 Omnichannel Retail Index  findings can help retailers and brands learn the […]

  • LA Furniture’s new approach to engaging customers

    “We have to be thinking about customers of the future,” Madeline Sweeten of LA Furniture told us in our recent interview. “They are the young people who grew up with cell phones and computers… they are very efficient with their time, and we need to be aware of that.” LA Furniture is a family-run furniture […]

  • Tips for Writing Comprehensive Job Descriptions

    Accurate and up-to-date job descriptions are one of the most important tools an employer has for attracting the right talent for the organization. They provide valuable workforce development information to current and prospective employees about available career opportunities and the requirements to achieve advancement within an organization. It can also be used to effectively measure […]

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