Pallet Problems… Be Gone!

Do ‘The Three R’s’ ring a bell?

The ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ method is simple to implement and will ensure better organization for your business. The simplicity of running a “green” warehouse rests on the fact that most items in warehouses are readily recyclable.
1. Reduce – Clean out all unnecessary clutter and garbage.
2. Pallet Recycling & Reuse – 54% of pallets are thrown away after just one use. The habit of recycling/reusing pallets in even the slightest way is extremely profitable for the business by reducing waste management fees. Need some ideas on how to unload your pile-o-pallets? Looking for a way to connect with your community?

3. Recycle – Most types of wood, metal, steel, iron, and glass are recyclable- as long as the item is not damaged and the it can be separated into one single material.
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Low. Specifically, for pallets, designate someone in the warehouse to find creative ways to remove them from the facility. It could be as simple as making them available to the community for free once a month. For everything else, providing your warehouse with recycling bins is extremely low in cost. The biggest challenge is learning to distinguish what is recyclable and what is not- which still does not require a lot of education.

Just remember that most materials are recyclable unless they are damaged in some way. For example, a glass bottle is recyclable; if the bottle is broken, it becomes garbage and cannot be recycled. Once recycling becomes a mindless habit, it will seem entirely effortless.

Jef Spencer
HFA Operations
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