Vendor/Exhibitor Information

When closing sales is the ultimate goal, our trade shows offer you the chance to do just that. HFA trade shows are a great opportunity for a smart marketer to meet with, talk to and sign up new business on the spot.

Trade shows offer a chance to…

  • Meet face-to-face with your customers and close the deal.
  • Enjoy a prolonged marketing opportunity that can last several days affording you greater exposure and more time to network.
  • Take part in a larger, overarching event and reap all of its benefits.
  • Position your company as a viable, supportive and dynamic part of the industry.


Your Company Belongs in the Retailer Resource Center Marketplace

The Retailer Resource Center (RRC) Marketplace is a hub of activity during Market weeks. As a destination for tens-of-thousand of retailers from all over the world, the RRC Marketplace is a show within a show by combining business services, educational seminars and networking opportunities all in two dynamic locations.
A non-stop flow of retailer traffic insures the critical exposure you seek for your investment of time and resources. When you exhibit your product during Market, your partnership with the HFA and the RRC will set you apart. You will benefit from a comprehensive marketing campaign, great customer service and the ease and simplicity of getting things accomplished all at a low price. Let us do the leg work for you, so you can do what you do best — SELL!

Our Marketing Campaign includes:

  • A listing and company description in the RRC Directory reaching your future customers during Market.
  • A listing in World Market Center / High Point Market marketing materials and website.
  • Dedicated space in the Markets section of
  • Press releases to industry media listing all RRC vendors.
  • Prominent on-site signage and banners directing traffic to come see you.


Additional benefits of joining the RRC Marketplace:

  • We help with all of your logistics, you just need to show up and sell.
  • Greater exposure before and during Market.
  • Increased traffic flow with a comfortable marketplace feel.
  • When you come on board you will have increased opportunities for preferred placement at future HFA events to reach more potential customers.
  • We market fun, with cocktail parties, buyers’ breakfast and educational seminars all designed to bring you customers!

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