Pires, Furniture Branding appeal to hearts and minds

Photo: Jason Pires at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Jason Alascio Pires probably won’t have trouble engaging his audience at a Home Furnishings Association seminar in Las Vegas July 28. It’s what he does.

Pires is CEO and executive director of Furniture Branding, a new HFA solution partner. His talk is titled “Human-Centric Marketing: The Science of Selling Meets the Art of the Lifestyle Experience,” but that doesn’t capture the speaker’s energy, vision or …

“I have a passion for furniture,” he says convincingly.

Pires already ran a marketing agency when he discovered this ardor for an industry that places products “where culture and innovation intersect.” That was about a decade ago. He decided to spin off a new agency dedicated to furniture. Its mission is “bringing a new generation of creative and strategic solutions for the furniture industry.”

The goal is to “help furniture brands and companies occupy a unique space in customers’ hearts and minds.”

Engage customers on a human level

Furniture Branding works with manufacturers and retailers to modernize their stories, messaging and overall image to connect with a more savvy and diverse audience, Pires says. It calls itself a “full-service and integrated lifestyle marketing agency,” realizing that furniture stores must differentiate themselves through more than price and promotions. They should create unique experiences, engage customers in the right “digital ecosystems” and take a human-centric approach. All this can be done at less cost, and more effectively, than through legacy marketing and advertising, Pires says.

Pires is upbeat about furniture but says today’s changing marketplace requires new solutions to the challenge of capturing hearts and minds. He’ll share more ideas at 10:30 a.m. July 28 in the HFA’s Resource Center at Las Vegas Market, B1050.

For more information about Furniture Branding and what it offers HFA members, call an HFA membership specialist at 800-422-3778.

Doug Clark writes the Home Furnishings Association’s Policy Matters blog.

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