Retail Performance Report


The Home Furnishings Association, along with PROFITsystems, annually conducts an industry-wide retail performance survey. We do this to help educate furniture retailers on key performance indicators so you can benchmark yourselves and set the stage for improvement in your stores.

The Retail Performance Report is the only industry standard, in-depth report assembled directly for the furniture industry. Detailed profiles are developed from questionnaires sent to all home furnishings retail members across the country. The Report’s information is based on member’s income statements and operational data. The Retail Performance Report answers many of your questions on how your store compares to industry averages. You can identify strengths and weaknesses in your operations and develop a plan to improve your bottom line.
The report is organized into Key Performance Measures that impact your profitability and productivity

  • Sales performance: sales to plan, sales change, average sales, close rate, revenue per selling opportunity
  • Department operating costs percent of sales: administrative, occupancy, advertising, selling, warehouse, delivery, service, finance
  • Balance sheet weighting percent of assets: cash, inventory, accounts payable, deposits, other debt
  • Marketing mix by media type
  • Salary mix by department
  • Personnel productivity: sales per employee by department
  • Floors space productivity
  • Inventory performance
  • Top challenges for retailers


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More Than 50 Performance Measures

The 2016 HFA Retail Performance Report examined the exact results of detailed industry key performance indicators from the average and top performers.

Cost of Report HFA Member Non-Member
Retail Performance Report — (Survey not taken) $99 $299

What if I took the 2016 survey?
The actual results and 2016 report has been distributed to survey participants. If you participated in the survey and did not receive yours, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

David McMahonAbout Our Partners at PROFITsystems
David McMahon, CMA, is director of consulting and performance groups at PROFITsystems, a HighJump Company and is a certified management accountant and management consultant. He can be reached at