April 2018

Make Big Data Perform for you
Home Furnishings Association
BIG DATA: Make it Perform for You

Mining the Insights Just Below the Surface Could Change the Way You Approach Your Business Brenda Hoskins, who leads direct marketing at HFA member store RC Willey, asks the question every home furnishings retailer is wanting the answer to: “As an industry we spend a lot of money to bring

Bill Grace of Grace Furniture
Robert Bell
Selling Furniture with Grace

Grace Furniture has served central New York for 78 years by putting the customer’s needs first. It’s the only way Bill Grace and his team know how to work. The world according to Bill Grace goes something like this: Everything around us is forever changing. Politics. Economies. Philosophy. Even retail

Are you keeping up?
David McMahon
Are You Keeping Up?

The biggest elements of retail success are inventory and selling. Traveling around the world consulting with retailers, I’ve seen my share of retail furniture operations in action. These operations come in all shapes and sizes, but there are typically three types of retailers. First, there are those who recognize and

Wayne Rivers
Life changes

…has your estate plan changed with it? We recently celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. King’s name is synonymous with grace under pressure, a wish for a peaceful resolution of differences and strength of character. But two years ago, King’s birthday was marred by ugly headlines surrounding his family’s

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