April 2019

Low hanging fruit
John Graham
Don’t Let Low-Hanging Fruit Hold Back Your Sales

Reach higher When things aren’t going well, salespeople often give in to the quick and easy to get through those troublesome dry spells. Others become so addicted, they never reach higher. It’s easy to fall under the spell of the lure of low-hanging fruit. Yet, those who excel in sales

Face the change-web
Wayne Rivers
Is your store nimble enough to pivot with the times?

A strategic plan can help you adjust to whatever lies ahead. My wife and I were surfing TV recently when we stumbled on that old movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” Do you remember that one? Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks play Kathleen and Joe, a couple of New York singles having

Firing Someone
Rob Starr
The Best Ways to Fire Somebody

It’s hard enough letting someone go. Here’s how to make the situation better for both parties. “You’re fired!” In another life, our 45th president made quite a name for himself with those two words. Of course, it’s never that easy to let an employee go, so if you find you

Emotions Matter
Robert Bell
Emotions Matter

Customer experience still counts. But studies show the most effective way to maximize customer value is to connect with them at an emotional level. Home Furnishings Association member Lael Thompson is the Chief Operating Officer for Sonshine Furniture in Aurora, Colo. Thompson will be the first to tell you the

Build Relationships
Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender
10 steps to educate employees & increase store sales

If you’ve been in the retail furniture business long enough, you’ve probably heard or read this oft-quoted survey that shows why customers leave a store and never return: 15% because of price. 15% because of product selection. 70% because of the interaction with store associates. Let that set in …

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Make It Personal
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Looking for a low-cost, high-impact marketing strategy? Grab some paper and a pen. Years from now, someone will spend a

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