Feb-Mar 2019

A couple estate planning
Wayne Rivers
When living longer has a catch

Sometimes those extra years play havoc with your estate planning Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention produced a paper called “Death in the United States.” While this might seem to be a morbidly unusual article for the Home Furnishings Association, please bear with me because the data within

Ready Set Grow
John Graham
Enhance your company culture by first expanding your employees’ roles

There’s nothing more amazing than the endless incidents of mind-bending screw-ups by otherwise successful businesses. Every employee has stories, ranging from miscalculations and costly errors of judgment to downright avoidable mistakes [Smith Village employees are rewarded with keys to store] It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Years ago,

Couple at furniture store
Bob Phibbs
Exceptional Customer Service

There’s a reason customers show up at your store. They want something they can’t get from their phone. Exceptional Customer Service. Remember last year when Ralph Lauren announced it was closing its flagship Polo store in New York City as part of a drive to gain footing in a rapidly changing retail world?

Online privacy illustration
Doug Clark
Retailers must navigate customers’ online privacy concerns

None of our business? Smart retailers know their customers. Traditionally that knowledge was gained through personal interactions. If a shopper made several purchases over the years, the store owner learned her style and color preferences and the prices she could afford. Maybe he recorded this information in a notebook or

Dan Giffin - Member Profile
Doug Clark
Dan Griffin and his furniture store are right at home.

A Perfect Fit When Dan Griffin decided to open a furniture store in Clearlake, Calif., 21 years ago, he didn’t study the town’s demographics or conduct any market research. “I had no idea what I was getting into,” he recalls. But he knew one thing: “I fell in love with

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Image shows a bank
PPP loan deadline nears

Anecdotally, it seems that almost every member of the Home Furnishings Association tapped into the Paycheck Protection Program. For any

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