July 2018

Supreme court ruling on sales tax
Home Furnishings Association
Unfinished Business

Supreme Court’s tax decision could be the catalyst for national regulation Last month, retailers across the country celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 5-4 decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair that ruled states have the authority to require out-of-state sellers, i.e. online retailers, to collect and remit sales tax. “Well

Salesperson helping a customer decide on what furniture to buy
Sherene Funk
A good in-store experience can kill your competition

Despite the growth of online sales, there’s still a great demand for traditional, brick-and-mortar stores. A Rutgers University study showed that competitive advantages such as easy return processes, a pleasant and engaging store environment, and amazing customer service combine to create in-store experiences that drive sales and increase repeat customers.

A family furniture business
Joe Panettieri
Your kids will never own your business

That’s because it won’t be yours anymore. Successfully transitioning your furniture store from one generation to the next requires a leader who’s willing to let go. Perhaps no other retail sector has as many family businesses running through it than the furniture business. Odds are good you’re probably running or

Beth Artis (right) and mother Patty
Robert Bell
Coming Home

Artis Furniture will celebrate turning 90 this month with cake, ribbons, balloons—oh, and a new store. It’s Monday at Artis Furniture, which means another day, another truck to unload. It’s Tuesday at Artis Furniture, which means another truck to unload and lighting issues to deal with. It’s Wednesday at Artis

Saleswoman helping someone find what they are looking for
David McMahon
What’s a decent sales volume for your showroom space?

I was recently asked this question: “A furniture retailer is boasting $441 per square foot in annual sales. That seems good, but I don’t have a point of reference. Can you put that in context? What’s the national average for furniture stores?” That’s easier asked than answered: While $441 seems

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