July 2019

Think Like a Customer
John Graham
Think Like a Customer or Lose the Sale

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking like a customer. If you do, you’re done!” This warning has been pounded into the heads of salespeople, and it will follow them until their last day on the sales floor. Why is thinking like a customer dangerous? It’s the noxious notion that

Make It Personal
Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender
Make it personal

Looking for a low-cost, high-impact marketing strategy? Grab some paper and a pen. Years from now, someone will spend a gazillion dollars to study American life online and wonder who these people were who so desperately need to lose weight, perfect their relationships, look younger, make certain body parts larger

Photo of Kim Pellett
Robert Bell
Kim of all trades

Home Furnishings Association member Kim Pellett sells antiques, but please don’t call her an antiques dealer – she’s so much more. Pellett sells furniture, too, but resist the temptation to call her a furniture retailer. That label seems unfairly constraining and doesn’t do her justice. Not with her sense of

Photo of a baby reaching up to a piece of furniture
Doug Clark
Safety comes first

City Furniture joins stability verification program City Furniture, a Top 100 retailer based in Tamarac, Fla., has been testing its products to make sure they meet industry safety standards for more than a decade. Now it’s taking the next step. The Home Furnishings Association member is an early participant and

Image of Delivery people setting up furniture
Brian Straight
Delivering on the last mile

As furniture sales increase online, retailers are taking a second look at their delivery service Brian Grandolf (not his real name) frantically cleaned his new home office, making room for the desk he ordered online to arrive and complete the space. Having already started his new job, and currently working

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