The 3-10 Approach to eComm 

The 3-10 Approach to eComm_HFA-CEO

Recently, we held a webinar relating to optimizing eComm, and it was a perfect example of the need for what I call the 3-10 approach. Just looking at eComm alone, there are so many aspects of it that you need to get right to be successful. How are you tracking site performance? What are your digital sales strategies? What does your advertising plan look like? Do you have defined KPIs? How do you manage abandoned carts, capture customers on the front end, and convert them on the back end? Whew! You get my point. There are at least ten things that you can focus on and can work to get right. However, the biggest takeaway from our discussion was how focusing on all that needs to be done is the quickest way to lose sight of success in eComm. Being great at everything is how you can lose sight of being successful in your business. If you try to do all ten plus things well, I’m not sure you’re going to have enough budget or bandwidth to get it done. I would suggest that not even the eComm behemoths get all ten things right or do them well.

The 3-10 approach is simply a way to look at the task at hand and find those three things out of the list of 10 or more that you can do well and become successful. Those three things become the building blocks of the foundation you stand on to start slowly conquering all of the rest.

Since we’re using the eComm example, let’s talk about conversion. What does that word mean? Is it converting people from the first click to email capture, is it taking them from landing page to product search, getting them to claim what is in their cart, getting them to connect with chat, finding a way to get them in-store. The list goes on. There are so many ways to define conversion, and each one of them is crucial, just as they are very different. Pick three definitions of conversion and become accomplished at those three. That will give you more data and experience to tackle more conversion opportunities on your list.

3-10 adapts to every part of your business. If you think about the ten overall initiatives you’d like to attempt or manage, make sure you successfully navigate at least three. Build on those successes as you work your way down that priority list. That’s where you will find clarity and momentum.

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