These Aren’t Your Father’s Rubber Bands, No More Inner Tube Strips

There are many uses for the everyday rubber band, but what about extra large delivery rubber bands?

Delivery Rubber Bands are made from an elastic yet resilient material to provide excellent holding properties while formulated to not transfer color to your merchandise like bands made from recycled tire inner tubes. No more black residue on that fine finish! But how can these bands be used in a furniture delivery application?

Holding Stuff On

If you drape your merchandise in furniture pads your typical solutions for keeping the pad in place during transit has been packing tape or stretch wrap. Both are suitable solutions but create a few issues. Cost, tape and wrap are consumable so once you take it off it gets tossed. Then you have to dispose of it. Tape also tends to leave behind residue on your pads that can ultimately get transferred to the next furniture piece you wrap. Rubber bands can solve both of these issues by simply stretching around the wrapped merchandise to hold that pad in place. Bands are removable without leaving residue and of course reusable.

Holding Stuff Closed

Keeping those drawers and cabinet doors shut during delivery can be a pain. While stretch wrap makes an excellent solution for providing product identification and abrasion protection in transit, the issues of cost and disposal come up again. At the tail of the delivery truck where your staff unwraps the piece before entering the customer’s home, how do you keep the movable pieces secure. Enter the Delivery Rubber Bands. With a quick stretch around the furniture those drawers and doors will stay closed and secure when the piece is carried through doors, up stairs or around corners. They are great for appliances too!

Holding Stuff Together

Looking for a way to bundle disassembled furniture pieces together, like a set of table legs. A Band may be all you need to keep the pieces from being separated in the delivery truck or warehouse. Individually boxed components are also a perfect application by strapping them together with bands.

Holding Stuff Upright

Some merchandise is lightweight or even to fragile to secure along the delivery truck wall with ratchet straps that can easily crush the item. With a couple of tie off points and a well placed and stretch band you can keep the piece upright against the truck box wall without crushing it.
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