Tips: 3 Quick Things to Maintain a Safe Work Environment

No one likes to come into a messy or disorganized work space. Not only is a messy work space unsafe it also puts a drain on productivity. Having a simple “Housekeeping” practice in place is a critical piece to keeping people in your facility safe. Basic chores such as vacuuming should be carried out in the workplace to keep everything clean and hygienic, and if your office is in need of a new vacuum cleaner, it might be worth checking out somewhere like https://www.bissell.com/vacuums/handheld-vacuums as you could find some useful apparatus there that could prove to be valuable for your office. Most businesses have a cleaning service or cleaning staff that does janitorial work after everyone goes home, but what about during the day when everyone is working? If you, or an employee, sees a potential hazard it is important to address it as it is noticed. By doing this, you can help prevent injuries and improve productivity, but it’s not just traditional offices that this applies to. Industrial workplaces such as warehouses, delivery trucks, docks and even in the customer’s home also apply. As a rule of thumb all workplaces with a safety program should incorporate housekeeping into their safety training.

3 tips for everyday workplace safety:

  • Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls – Post the proper signs when there is a spill
  • Clear Clutter – Clean as you go and put items back in their place when done
  • Prevent Falling Objects – Place heavy objects on lower shelves and lighter items on higher shelves

The best way to keep the workplace safe is to make it a practice. Before the end of their shift, your employees should make it common practice to inspect and clean their work areas discarding unused materials and putting tools, vehicles and supplies back in their proper place. This will reduce time spent cleaning later, as well as prevent potential injuries in the future.

Jef Spencer
HFA Operations

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