Vector offers HFA members a simple, affordable payment solution

Payment processing can be tricky to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner Vector Payments tries to keep things as simple and as transparent as possible, says Ryan Mirpanah, managing partner at Vector.

“Retailers know what I’m talking about,” Mirpanah says. “The rate changes, the bait-and-switch tactics that go on. You’re told you’ll be charged X and you sign on the dotted line and then you get (a rate) completely different. That’s wrong and doesn’t lend itself to a long-term relationship between the retailer and the payment processing company.”

That’s why Mirpanah, a veteran of the payment-processing industry, started Vector Payments.

“You’ll know a few minutes on the phone with me what you’re going to pay, and it’s not going to change,” he says. “If anything, it will go down as my focus is to build a long term relationship with all my clients.”

Unlike other payment-processing companies, Vector works with 30 sponsor banks, the institutions that have agreements with all the major credit card brands. That gives Vector more flexibility, not just at finding your business the best rate, but also the best hardware solutions, service and support staff.

Cash discount program

Vector also offers a cash discount program where your customers pay the fee to use their credit card in your store, a model that has been saving Vector retailers anywhere from 75 percent to 80 percent off their processing fees on a monthly basis!

HFA members get a special offer from Vector Payments. Let Mirpanah personally review your latest payment-processing statement. If he can’t find HFA members a better rate or save you money elsewhere, he’ll send you a $250 Visa gift card for taking the time to send over your statement.

He says some retailers may think they are getting a good deal from their payment-processing company – and maybe they are. But it’s rare Vector can’t identify additional savings to help keep more money in the merchant’s pockets, he says.

“Every time I see their statement, I get a little frustrated at their current company because they’re usually paying a little more than they should. This is where I come in as I can provide a simple, side by side analysis to show exactly what they’re paying now and also what we would’ve charged during that same month. It’s a guarantee that we can help them, especially in an extremely tough year like 2020 has been.”

Not an HFA member? Let us know you’re interested and we’ll show you how it pays to join.

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