[bsa-protech-form] Enhancing the experience: Experiential shoppers and how to attract them

12/4 – Today’s shoppers are looking for more than just furniture. They want an experience. They come to your stores to get inspired. They want their senses – sight, scent and touch – to be stirred. In this webinar you will learn key NeuroMarketing insights you can immediately introduce in your business. These insights are based on new eye-tracking and neuroscience research in selling furniture. Retailers can create better merchandising and marketing to attract and sell more.

Michelle Adams has a unique educational and professional career. She has an extensive business background, and is a Ph.D. She founded Marketing Brainology over 7 years ago to better measure consumer and shopper behavior and non-conscious thinking.

She worked for Frito-Lay & PepsiCo for 10 years; running the SMART Learning Center which conducted sophisticated research experiments that drove major initiatives thru-out PepsiCo. As VP of Customer Strategy and Shopper Insights, she consulted senior leaders from PepsiCo’s top retailers. As President of Marketing Brainology, she speaks and consults across the globe on NeuroScience, NeuroMarketing, and Influencing positive change within organizations.

Connect with Customers and Exceed Their Expectations Every Time

Customers expect a smooth and satisfying journey from shopping to purchase to delivery to service. Don’t fail them at any step along the way! The right retail technologies will help you meet their expectations – and improve your own operations, saving you time and money. Jesse Akre, industry technology veteran, will explain why it’s so important to utilize the right technologies for your business. He’ll explore the pros and cons of key retail platforms that your business needs to give customers that smooth and satisfying journey.

Drive your digital sales process with proven strategies from the auto industry

The auto industry has been in the fast lane when it comes to digital marketing. One of the leaders in innovation in the auto industry is David Kain, founder of Kain University, who is recognized as one of the “Best Internet Sales Training Companies” in the U.S. Scott Hill, co-founder of PERQ — a B2B marketing technology company — has partnered with Kain to share best digital sales practices, translating them to retail furniture applications. If you want to create a fast lane to turn website traffic into ready-to-buy customers coming into your store, don’t miss this webinar that will offer helpful ways to reach out to consumers, set more appointments and ultimately increase sales.

Scott Hill is the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of PERQ, a B2B marketing technology company established in 2001 (www.perq.com). His focus on solving online consumer engagement problems has led to the success of PERQ’s Marketing Cloud. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Cloud assists consumers shopping online for expensive and complex purchases and services. Today, PERQ serves more than 1,000 businesses, helping them increase online engagement with consumers to drive more in-person transactions. Scott has launched two Inc. 100 companies and is a proud alum of Harvard Business School.

Human-Centric Marketing: The Science of Selling Meets the Art of the Lifestyle Experience

Human-Centric Marketing: The Science of Selling Meets the Art of the Lifestyle Experience In our fast-paced and complex world, consumers are constantly looking for truly meaningful experiences and connections to complement their day-to-day lives. Today’s most successful brands are going well beyond selling design and products and are creating human-centric and customized experiences to exceed consumers’ expectations, generating a personal connection and sustainable brand loyalty.

With a natural born entrepreneurial and artistic spirit, Jason Pires has over 20 years of experience in strategically and creatively positioning corporations and lifestyle brands (B2B and B2C) in their respective markets. As Executive Creative Director he is able to put into practice his vast experience in creative direction, brand strategy, positioning, art direction, copywriting, photography and design with his passion for furniture and fashion.

Increasing Retail Profits: How to Sell Add-On Products

Furniture protection plans and care products have allowed retailers to gross up sales and improve margins during a down economy. In this webinar you will learn how to actually sell the protection plan, be customer-focused and train your employees on the soft skills of communicating and problem-solving. Then make sure they match the compelling benefits of a protection plan with products that deserve them.

In this webinar you will discover:
– How to boost margins with protection plans
– Which protection plan is right for your business
– Where should you retail the protection plan for maximum profits
– How should you incentivize your sales staff
– Qualifying questions to get customers to buy

Dan Miller, Regional Sales Manager, Guardsman, a Sherwin- Williams Company

Training Quality Salespeople

The purpose of this webinar is to teach the five criteria for training and the strategies and techniques necessary to be successful in this critical area of business success. In addition, Mr. Huisken discusses the various ways that salespeople can be trained in including books, CD’s DVD’s Training APP’s etc. Owners and salespeople need to understand that they are in the business of training for the rest of their professional lives. There is no such thing as a permanent staff. The success or failure of a company has a direct relationship to the quality of their people. Often, the only thing that sets one business apart from another is the people who work there. Having a fully trained and effective staff will guarantee the success of the owner, sales manager, and the company.

Brad Huisken has been in sales since 1971. Since that time he has been directly involved in all aspects of Sales and Sales Management. His experience and knowledge have enabled him to author the highly acclaimed books I’m a Salesman! Not a Ph.D., Munchies For Salespeople! Selling Tips You Can Sink Your Teeth Into and his new book Munchies For Salespeople II! More Selling Tips You Can Sink Your Teeth Into . In addition he has developed the PMSA Relationship Selling Program, the Train The Sales Trainer Course, the Professional Sales Management Course, The Mystery Shoppers Kit, The Weekly Sales Meeting Training Series, The Salesperson’s & Sales Manager’s Aptitude Test for new hires and The Salesperson’s & Sales Manager’s Proficiency Exam for existing professionals the Employee Handbook and Policy & Procedures Manual , The Weekly Sales Training Series, and his new Train The Sales Trainer Course for owners and sales managers which is also now available as a web based training program.

The Power of SIMPLICITY: Getting Customers to Visit & Buy

Everyone makes so much noise about how you must digitize your marketing to attract and engage consumers for your retail store. We’ve worked with thousands of retailers and we’ll break it down into a few tried and true simple solutions that work, canceling out all the noise. We’ll show you the research on why consumers are not looking at your digital ads. We’ll show you the research on ad blockers and how 49% of your digital ads may never be seen. Plus, we’ll talk about new internet tools that may be causing you to waste more than 40% of your ad spending, BOT fraud, and more.<?p>

How to Effectively Use Tablets on Your Salesfloor

In this webinar you will discover how your sales team can effectively utilize a Tablet on the Sales Floor. Richard will discuss:

· Common issues
· Different software
· Best Practices for salespeople

You will leave this session with an all-inclusive plan that’s ready for implementation for success on the floor!

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