Benefits of a Sustainable Furniture Business

2023 14 September
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Benefits of a Sustainable Furniture Business

Benefits of a Sustainable Furniture Business

Explore how integrating sustainable practices into your business enhances efficiency, cuts costs, boosts your brand’s reputation and fosters customer loyalty. Gain insights on reducing your carbon footprint, implementing eco-friendly initiatives, and adopting renewable energy solutions. Learn effective strategies to communicate your social responsibility, fostering trust and engagement with customers.

Walk away from this webinar equipped with the tools to implement sustainable practices and reshape your business for a brighter, greener future.

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • How sustainability within the home furnishings industry is defined.
  • How to make your company more sustainable and why is it important for your business
  • The best way to source and align your business with sustainable vendors and suppliers.
  • Strategies to communicate your sustainability practices to your employees and the community.
  • What is the most sustainable way to treat customer returns, which account for approximately 8% of sales (in the home furnishings industry).
  • Who cares about your sustainable efforts when making buying decisions?
  • What are the challenges in making your business more sustainable and how to overcome them?
  • What does the future hold for sustainability within the home furnishings industry?

Our Panel of Experts:

David Blake – Sustainable Facilities Manager, Tepperman’s

David is the Sustainability Facilities Manager for Tepperman’s. Tepperman’s is a small regional chain of stores in the Ontario, Canada area. Environmental sustainability is one of the guiding principles at Tepperman’s. They recognize their business’s impact on the environment and have transformed how they operate to reduce their carbon footprint. 


Emily McGarvey – Director of Sustainability, Room & Board

Emily is the Director of Sustainability for Top 100’s Room & Board. Since its beginning in 1980, sustainable practices have been fundamental to Room & Board. They aspire to be a sustainability leader that positively impacts society and the world. Currently, Room & Board is purchasing 85% sustainably sourced wood and 70% renewable electricity in their stores and operations just to name a few. 


Gillian Dew – Senior Account Director, Freight Club

Gillian Dew is Senior Account Director for Freight Club, a subsidiary of Cymax Group. Freight Club is a technology-driven shipping platform that understands the impact shipping and logistics have on the environment. Freight Club has been proudly planting trees across the United States, promoting clean air, clean water, and the prosperity of biodiversity – at no cost to our customers or carriers.