Key strategies for successful digital advertising

2022 19 May
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Key strategies for successful digital advertising

Learn how to increase leads and sales with digital advertising!

Discover affordable digital advertising strategies that work for any business size. You’ll also gain knowledge on how to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns so you can make data-driven decisions about where to allocate your resources in the future.

Digital advertising is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target market. This discussion’s topics will cover:


  • Have a clear goal for your campaign. Decide what you are trying to achieve and then measure the results.
  • Use your analytics to see who you are engaging with and which platforms. These people will be a target audience for paid advertising.
  • Always be willing to change with the new technologies and experiment.
  • Video is working best right now, and over-the-top advertising (OTT) is very high on the list. It’s also a good idea to share videos inside of articles as well as on social media.
  • 2020 became the first year you could reach more people with connected TV (CTV) than traditional TV.
  • Use SMS and email marketing lists (if you have good lists- use them)
  • Be relevant and stay true to your brand and brand message.
  • Incorporate customer testimonials into your social ads, website, and other channels.
  • Create content that engages is for awareness (higher in the sales funnel) and is all about visibility and sharing.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend the right budget on something to determine if it’s effective.
  • Make sure you use quality copy with SEO keywords that show up in a Google search.
  • Geo-fencing lets you track conversion, and Amazon can tell you if your ad was viewed and see if you converted them into sales.


Cate Gallagher – VP Client Success Manager, Phelps Digital

Phelps Digital helps local businesses effectively navigate a complex digital landscape from vendor management to strategy and execution. We are your trusted partner for digital vendor management.


Stephanie Geary – Marketing Manager, Old Brick Furniture

Old Brick Furniture has 9 locations headquartered in Albany, New York, with stores in Vermont and Massachusetts. Stephanie is the Market Manager with an extensive background in digital marketing strategies, planning, and execution.


Fredy Wright – Digital Director, Conquest Digital Solutions

Conquest Digital works with retailers of all sizes with digital advertising strategies. Fredy takes pride in using tried and tested digital targeting strategies with highly individualized and unique messaging while addressing each client’s challenges, opportunities, and goals with whom he partners.