Let’s Talk about What 2019 Looks Like for the Furniture Industry with the HFA Lobbyists

2018 05 December
11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern

Let’s Talk about What 2019 Looks Like for the Furniture Industry with the HFA Lobbyists

You’ve heard from the cable news talking heads and pundits, now it’s time to hear from HFA’s lobbyists, Chris Andresen and Bill Simmons from Dutko. They’ll give a view from the Beltway as they talk about the recent mid-term election, the Wayfair ruling, and what 2019 looks like for the furniture industry—and your businesses. Join us for a live Q&A!

Bill Simmons, Managing Principal, Dutko
Bill draws upon an entrepreneurial background combined with his government service to specialize in appropriations, transportation, higher education, tax, energy, environment and natural resources issues.
After working in business for several years, he started his career on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant for issues as diverse as appropriations, transportation, energy, communications, taxes, banking, agriculture and the environment. He has worked at Dutko for nearly 20 years.

Chris Andresen, Vice President, Dutko
Chris works extensively with clients to identify policy opportunities and threats to create detailed legislative and executive strategies. His broad experience includes working with companies, universities, non-profits, and trade associations in the following sectors: workforce development, consumer products, manufacturing, retail, biotechnology, renewable energy, criminal justice, mental health, technology, and higher education. Chris frequently presents to corporate Boards of Directors on the overall state of Congress and the Administration, focusing on the impact their actions have on business activities and decisions.